The Annual Exhibition for Subcontracting in the Metal, Plastic & Rubber Industry
16 June, 2020 
Expo | Tel Aviv
SUBCON ISRAEL is the professional and focused exhibition for the subcontracting industryThe exhibition is designed for companies who manufacture with subcontracting, contracting, mass or small production and for companies who supply Full-turn key services, outsourcing, additional services, equipment, tools, materials and accessories for the industry.

SUBCON ISRAEL is the right place to get together with and to discover new suppliers, to develop and to maintain business partnerships, to expand into new markets, to find solutions for problems, to be efficient, and to be updated with the latest development and technological innovations of the industry.

Following the success of the previous Exhibition, we invite you to take part in the SUBCON ISRAEL 2020

Why should you visit / exhibit?

  • Wide exposure to purchasers and decision makers in various industries
  • Meeting point for a new business bonding with new customers& suppliers
  • Professional platform for exposing new products and technologies.
  • Exposing new trends and ways for saving costs, shorten production time line, improve quality and more.

Visitors of the exhibition
Purchasers and Purchase Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Project Managers, Subcontracting Managers, Quality Control Managers, Maintenance and Facilities Operations Managers, Manufacturing Engineers, Development Planning Engineers, Industrial Designers, Contractors, Manufacturers, Factories, Organizations, Public Institutions, CEOs, Senior Managers and all the decision makers of the Metal, plastic and Rubber Industry, Defense Industry, Aerial Industry, Automotive Industry, Electronics, Medicine, Aviation, Engineering, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Clean Room, Start Up Companies and Business Incubators.



●Machining- Carving, Milling, Mass and small scale productions●Model Manufacture, Prototype, Mechanical Assembly.●Complete solutions for manufacture, from primary characterization until finished goods stage- FTK, TK.●Foundries for all types of metal, in various technologies.●Sheet metal forming- shearing, bending, rolling, processing, perforation, etching and welding in various technologies●Metal processing and finishing, coating, galvanization in various technologies, chemical treatments, unique processing, metal cleaning, thermal treatment, photo chemical etching, industrial and aircraft painting, metal and plastic enfraving and marking services.●Electronic and mechanic equipment- planning, developing, manufacturing and assembling of electronic and mechanical equipment.●Dies and electronic patterns.●Stamping, stretching and forging.●Computerized and manual Metal spinning.●Electro erosion●Raw material: steel, hard metals, Non-ferrous metal, noble metal, alloys, aluminum, metal and iron powder.●Springs- planning, manufacturing and marketing.●Gears●Colors, materials, oils, glues and accessories.●Machine tools and equipment for the metal industry.●Additional services for the metal industry

Plastic and Rubber

●Designing products for the production of various technologies ● Production of models and prototypes.
● Production of finished and semi-finished products.●Processing - Deficit and Deployment, injection, Extrusion, Inflation, Thermoforming, Vacuum forming, rotation.●Second processing and final actions.
● Compressing.● Lamination ● Molding ●dies ● Raw materials, glues and oils.

Other display issues

●3d prints●Processing and manufacture of glass and other materials.●Industrial design.●Quality Assurance.● Projects Management.●Manpower Placement.●CAD software, Engineering design, Management Software.● Engineering - Development and Production.●Industrial Maintenance.●Marketing and Export.●Consulting and financial funding.● Vocational training schools

Some information from last Exhibition:

Exhibitors – over 55 companies from all sectors
Visitors - over 1,500 professionals' visitors

Exhibition Preview

Registration for the exhibition
For further information please contact:

Mrs. Etty Shoshan

Mobile: 972-0545602006